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[[hong-kongさようなら 再见-bye-bye/]]

Hong Kong: Island

Lijiang: Arrival

Kunming-Lijiang: The Grounding

Kunming: A Close Look at the Yuantong Temple

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Kunming: Cuihu Park

Guangzhou: Of Rags and Riches

Bath in the Pearl River

Guangdong: Worshipping the Sea Godess

Foshan: Folk Religion and Gongfu in a Temple

Guangzhou: Former Colonialist Island Shamian

Changsha-Guangzhou: The Lhasa Express


Lele and her colleague work on the train line Xian-Guangzhou-Xian. After 25 hours they arrive in Guangzhou and 3 hours later they travel back to Xian where they can rest for 3 days before the whole charade starts all over again.

Xi’an Calligraphy Street: A Tribute to Learning

Xi’an: Waiting for the Sun

Shanghai-Xi’an: Further to the West

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Shanghai Expo UK Pavillion: A Tribute to Nature

Osaka-Shanghai: Journey to the West

Kyoto: How Fotogenic Can a City Be?

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