Grails and smartgwt

To set up a grails and smartgwt project basically follow this great tutorial by Peter Ledbrook.
The equally useful tutorial by Josip goes one step further.

1) Create a grails project

2) Install the gwt plugin

3) Install the smartgwt plugin

4) Create a module

5) Fill in the entry point: Create the DataSource and Form Classes. Attention: If you use Josips tutorial make sure that in the function

the formWindow.setHeaderControls(HeaderControls.HEADER_LABEL, closeControl); methode is called first thing before any of the other formWindow.set(..) methods, otherwise you get am IlegalStateException.
Check if the url to the controller that are called from within your RestDataSource are correct.

6) Inherit from smartgwt

7) Generate the gsp page that holds the gwt client and move it from the web-app to the grails-app/view directory.

8) Remove the grails main.css from the layout/main.gsp  page

9) Add

<script>var isomorphicDir = "gwt/org.example.SmartButton/sc/"</script> to the main.gsp page but leave gwt/ as is!

10) Alter the url mapping so that the gsp page holding the gwt client is loaded by default.

11)  Run the compile gwt module command

12)  Fire up grails and fire up the gwt-client

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