Google App-Engine, Grails and Security

Here are the directions for a patch in a great Screencast by Tomás Lin that makes authentication work  in a Grails Application on Google’s App-Engine:

google.appengine.sessionEnabled = true // default true
google.appengine.enableSsl = true // default true = ["/secure", "/shoppingcart/*", "/admin"] = ["/admin", "/notsecuredadmin"] = ["/admin", "/", "/yabbadabbadoo"]

Don’t forget to apply the securePatch.diff patch to the plugin directory of your project – that is in <home>.grails/1.1.1/projects/myproject/plugins/app-engine-0.8.1 in order for these properties effectively written to the web.xml file.

One thought on “Google App-Engine, Grails and Security

  1. This has been merged into the newly released 0.82 version of the app-engine plugin and the patch is no longer necessary

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